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12 Black Mental-Health And Wellness Resources To Follow On Instagram

From the coronavirus pandemic continuing to have a disproportionate impact on people of colour to the past week’s events —...

Oscars: Only diverse films will be considered for best picture

Films hoping to compete for the best picture Oscar will have to meet certain criteria over diversity, the Academy of...

Microaggressions are blocking your agency’s diversity and inclusion efforts

A positive approach to hiring will only get your organisation so far – to build an effectively diverse workplace, learn...
18 Books by Black British

18 Books by Black British Writers to Read Now

Layla Haidrani details 18 books by some of the most exciting new black voices in the world of British literature While...
BP fuels

BP fuels diversity and inclusion drive

BP UK is to launch a diversity and inclusion (D&I) plan‎ aimed at boosting the representation of minority groups within...
Josh B News

Joshua Beckford

Black Leaders are proud to shine a spotlight on some of the UK’s very own role models as we celebrate...