Black mums campaign for diverse Christmas decorations with powerful advert

Two Black women who own a company that produce decorations and ornaments that feature Black people, have launched a new advert calling for a more diverse Christmas.

Natalie Duvall and Alison Burton launched March Muses to help make the festive season more inclusive for Black families, and they hope that their new advert will reinforce this message.

The advert shows Natalie’s daughter Olivia, looking at her family’s traditional Christmas decorations before asking her mum if Santa is white.

The founders hope that by presenting this alternative version of a festive ad, it will help other families to tackle the topic of race with their children, and question these things themselves.

Natalie and Alison say their decorations showcase a side of Christmas that is rarely seen, and they hope to present diverse images of Christmas as normal, not just a novelty.

‘2020 has highlighted the many issues faced by the black community. With more than three million people of colour in the UK, our Black Christmas tree decorations represent inclusion at a time when we need it most,’ says Natalie. The pair say they weren’t surprised to see that Christmas adverts that featured divers

‘We are happy to see Sainsburys and any other brand encouraging a more inclusive Christmas through their advertising, but more needs to be done,’ says Alison. ‘Our advert should be on TV also to really drive home the messaging of an diverse Christmas.’

‘Black is not a trend,’ says Natalie. ‘What will their advertising look like in April next year? We do want to encourage brands to go beyond just media representations and consider how inclusive their products are and what their leadership level roles look like. ‘There is a severe lack of diversity in the supermarket decorations, we hope we can start a conversation with them.’

The advert was produced by a creative agency of three brothers, 10 Days, and the entire campaign was completed within one week and donated completely free of charge to March Muses.

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